Favourite Denim Jacket (And A Cat)

Hello again!

Here’s another outfit we’d like to share. We mixed the cute skirt with Doc Martens to create a cool look. Again, there’s a cat on the pictures, it belongs to the house (and could be called well-fed, hihi). The denim jacket is from Plymouth, UK. I bought it 15 years ago and it’s still in a very condition. It’s great for this time of the year when it’s cold in the morning but pretty warm during the day!

The skirt is by Lyla Lyla and apart from the fact that it has to be ironed every time before wearing it, it’s very nice and light. I even wear it in autumn with tights. At least if the weather is as warm as these days.

Denim Jacket – Object

Top – Only

Skirt – Lyla Lyla

Boots- Doc Martens


Hope you enjoy!

Julia and Eva

(Modeling: Julia; Text, Photography: Eva)



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