Shorts, Cat and a Golden Pineapple

Hello again!

So this might be our last outfit that completely falls into the “summer section” this year, because it’s getting colder (at least here in Northern Europe, where I currently am residing). I am looking forward to autumn a lot though! Autumn is my favourite time of the year, by far! But let’s get back to this when it finally IS autumn. 😉

Photos are taken by Julia, the model is me (Eva) this time and we had my mum’s cat running into the pictures (we were shooting in my mum’s backyard, since both our apartments aren’t suited well- we’ve tried). I had tried to put him (it’s a male cat) into the suitcase, but it turned out he didn’t like that much.

Regarding the outfit: I really like the colour of the pants and the cut. I think you can call them “Mom pants”. They are from American Apparel, and I had bought them in Montréal two summers ago. The shirt is by H&M and we thought that the colours fit together well. The shoes are my favourite Keds. I own like five pairs of them and these are the ones with my favourite colour. They are actually easy to clean when you buy the right products, because I was worrying about them being dirty all the time. The pineapple is from a local flower shop and I just had to get it, even though it was a bit expensive for just being plastic.

I can see that my hair was a bit orange at that time! The camera I’m holding (or having around my neck) is an old Minolta (analog) and I had used it a lot back in the days when I didn’t own a DLSR and was really into that kind of photography.


Shorts – American Apparel

Shirt – H&M

Shoes – Keds


So, that’s it from us this week, hope you enjoy!

Julia and Eva

(Eva- Text, Modeling; Julia – Photography)


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