Vintage Outfit

Hello again!

This outfit is special in the way that everything Julia is wearing (except for the white shirt by H&M) is from a second-hand store or my mum’s closet. I’ve been finding really cool things in her closet and she’s not wearing them anymore, so I am. The bag is by Enny and she had bought it in Italy many decades ago. I’ve used it for university because it can fit a lot of things and I had it repaired a few years ago since the handles had broken. The Bermuda shorts are also taken from my mum’s closet and I have no idea where she got them (I could ask her though next time I see her!). The shoes have been used in another shooting before, they are also vintage. The pearl necklace (actually made of plastic) is from a second hand market in my hometown and I bought it for a 20s party that I was attending later that month. The suitcase I found in my mum’s cellar and it was for a vacuum cleaner (one small part of the cleaner was still found there). Julia was pretty excited about the suitcase, but I guess it doesn’t work well when traveling. Maybe it could be used as a decorative piece. 🙂


Tank top – H&M

Necklace – Vintage

Shorts – Vintage

Bag – Enny

Shoes – Vintage



Julia and Eva




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