Another Summer Outfit!

The dress I bought in Mallorca, Spain, when I was there on a trip in May. It’s by Tenki. What I enjoy about it a lot is that it doesn’t need to be ironed, and I travel as much as I can, so it’s perfect for me (also I can be a bit lazy).  I was very happy when I found it, since I often have trouble finding cute dresses. I love the page, but I don’t order online often and even if I do, not from sides that have to ship orders to me (if I lived in the U.S. I’d order there all the time!). Also I find it a bit hard to order online without trying the piece on. The bag is by Coach and we were really into its colour! The shoes are by Stiefelkönig and they are- even with a bit of a heel- pretty good for walking around a long time.


Dress – Tenki London

Bag – Coach

Shoes – Stiefelkönig


Have a great week!

Julia and Eva




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