Presenting my Polka Dot Dresses

Hi again,

it’s Eva. And this is our first official entry!

The girl on the left is Julia. She’s wearing the polka dot dress I bought in Czech Republic when I was visiting a friend that was on Erasmus there. I had it shortened by a friend’s mum and wore it to my cousin’s wedding a few months later. It’s by Holly & Whyte by LINDEX. The sunglasses I had actually won at a fair in my hometown, I think I had to do some push-ups to get them or something! The belt was found in my mum’s wardrobe. The shoes are mine (they’re a bit too big for me, I’m sure my feet shrunk a little in my early twenties) and I had bought them in Montreal in 2009, when I was feeling like I needed some cheering up. They’re by Steve Madden. The bag is by ZARA, and belongs to Julia herself.

I (on the right) am wearing a dress by H&M. I accidentally found it in a store in my town, the shop assistant told me that it was given back by a woman who had ordered it online and it was not possible to buy it in regular stores. It is a bit small (Too many cookies and burgers and I don’t fit…I needed some help getting into it, I admit) and very short. I’m wearing it with simple black tights and black (fake) full-grain leather boots by Tamaris. The clutch bag is by German brand JOST. We tried to make my look like I’m from the 60s. Sadly my fringe has been gone for a few months now! Now it’s covered by a simple white headband.

We had to take more pictures than usual, because I still have to learn how to look properly in front of a camera. I’m still figuring it out! Luckily Julia knows how to do it and will be modeling 90% of the time. The last picture we thought was funny that’s why it also made it (even though our feet are cut off, haha).

JULIA (left)

Sunglasses – freebie

Dress – Holly & Whyte by LINDEX

Belt – Second-hand/ Vintage

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Steve Madden

EVA (right)

Dress – H&M

Bag – JOST bags

Shoes – Tamaris

I hope you enjoy the outfits. See you next week!


Julia and Eva


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